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Dalhousie Castle History Timeline In the Year of:
1066 An obscure German Pirate the progenitor of the Ramsay’s follows William the Conqueror to England. This is the origin of the Ramsay Black Eagle battle emblem.
1090 He, or probably his son joined David I of Scotland and lived by robbing the natives!
1140 Simundus de Ramseia a French nobleman, also served with King David and was the first to have lands at Dalwolsie (now Dalhousie). The Ramsay’s became notorious border raiders.
1140-1280 The Ramsay’s acquired large estates through marriage with the heiress of the Maules, a family of Norman mercenaries who had also been hired by King David and who had secured royal grants of land in Midlothian and the Carse of Gowrie.
1280 Ramsay de Dalwolsey builds the inner Keep with Vaults and the Bottle Dungeon.
1296 Edward I of England stays at Castle before Battle of Falkirk against Sir William Wallace of Scotland.
1314 William Ramsay joins forces with King Robert the Bruce to defeat Edward II of England at Bannockburn.
1320 William Ramsay – Signatory to the Declaration of Arbroath where Scottish Barons appealed to the Pope against the oppression of the English.
1342 Sir Alexander de Ramsay helps re-capture castles and occupied lands from the English.
1342 Sir William Douglas abducts Sir Alexander de Ramsay from St Mary’s Church in Hawick and has him incarcerated in Hermitage Castle. Ramsay’s ghost is believed to haunt Hermitage.
1355 Sir William Ramsay defeats the English at Nisbet Moor in 1355.
1400 Dalhousie Castle withstands a six month siege by King Henry IV of England – The death of Sir Alexander Ramsay at Homildon Hill mentioned in Shakespeare’s Henry IV (Part 1).
Circa 1450 Castle Drum Tower and Well added to the existing present L shaped inner keep structure.